Who am I?

My name is Angela Bijkerk and I will help you reach your full potential and transform you into the awesome human being you were meant to be.

My background

As a left-handed Coach, Computer Scientist and Psychologist with a passion for house redesign and healthy eating, one thing is clear: I love to learn, but I also have difficulties fitting in a particular ‘box or category’.

I’ve always felt boxed in and unable to shine like the supernova I was meant to be 🙂 I believed I needed to play it small, so I wouldn’t upset anyone. It left me feeling frustrated and lonely with a hint of guilt that I wasn’t doing more with my life.

Through coaching and my Core Energy Coaching™ training at iPEC I was able to find my passion, grow bigger, to shine brighter and in the process discover more fun and fulfillment than I could ever imagine.

My Philosophy

I always feel that life is too short to dream small. I have been stuck on several occasions during my life and didn’t use my full potential, but I can tell you:  when you do finally get unstuck and embrace who you truly are, you’ll have more energy than you can ever imagine and you can fulfill your dreams.

You want to know how to do it?