Core Energy Coaching™

Bijkerk & Bijkerk implements the method of Core Energy Coaching™ by applying the coaching principles of iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).

The model

The Core Energy model of iPEC is based on the energy level from which you look at or experience a certain situation. This is best explained with an example:

Imagine you are driving on the highway on the left-hand lane and just in front of you someone suddenly turns left to your lane. You can look at this situation in different ways. For example “This always happens to me” (victim) or “What an @ # $% they should take these people off the road” (fighter) or “Gosh, that person must be terribly being in a hurry ”(service provider). These three different reactions represent different energy levels and the thoughts you have thereby determine to a large extent what you feel and what behavior results from it.

The iPEC method recognizes seven different levels with increasing energy. The higher the energy level, the greater the chance of success. Within the coaching sessions we ensure that you become aware of these energy levels and how you can increase the energy level in order to increase the chance that you can achieve the desired goal. The insight into the energy levels and the effects or your actions ensures that the changes that you have to undergo in order to achieve your goal are lasting.

The process

Coaching works by determining how you usually look at specific situations and how this leads to thoughts, emotions and behaviors related to that situation. We then investigate where that way of looking comes from and to what extent you help or hinder yourself by reacting in a certain way. We look at how you can find opportunities again in situations in which you get stuck, so that other actions can get closer to your goal. For each session, it is also assessed to what extent previous actions have been successful or may need to be adjusted.

What is the basis of Core Energy Coaching?

Core Energy Coaching is based on more than 10,000 hours of research over a 30-year period. This interdisciplinary process has its roots in: Psychotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Mentoring, Consulting, Quantum physics, Metaphysics, Adult and accelerated learning theories, Emotional intelligence, Leadership development and Theories of conscious evolution

The results

A coaching process gives you:

  • The resources that you can use if you are facing challenges so that you can achieve the best results
  • A way to accurately read other people and situations and to deal with them in the best way
  • An increase in your leadership qualities
  • An ability to discover and seize opportunities
  • A way to feel connection, satisfaction and fulfillment
  • An insight into who you are and what you want to do in this life

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