Energy Leadership Index™

Are you ready to view the world through a different lens, so you can reach your full potential? The Energy Leadership Index™ assessment will give you an insight into how you currently view and experience the world around you. And here is the good news: your views and experiences can change in order for you to become the best version of yourself.

Personality versus attitudinal assessments

There are two types of assessments:

Personality tests: These tests measure your personality and your strengths and weaknesses. They will give you an insight into your nature and how this is related to your behavior. This allows you to modify your behavior in order to ‘work with what you’ve got’ so you can achieve your goals. Examples of personality tests are the Big Five, Meyer-Briggs and DISC.

Attitudinal assessments: These will measure your attitude or point of view in different situations. Every human will view the world through his/her unique filters that are based on experience, values, belief systems, culture, assumptions, upbringing, etc. These filters can either hold you back from achieving your full potential, or help you to find opportunities in every situation.

Since this attitude is subjective (highly personal for each individual based on everything they have ever experienced and how they have interpreted every situation up until now), it can be changed for the better. There are no limits when it comes to how much you can grow and achieve.

What makes the Energy Leadership Index™ so special?

The Energy Leadership Index™ assessment is an attitudinal assessment. It measures your attitude regarding situations where all is well for you, but also shows you what changes when you are under stress.

The result of the assessment is an insight in the combination of different attitudes that are unique to you at this moment in time. Each of these attitudes can be translated to an energy level and the combination of these levels give you awareness of how you show up under different circumstances.

The more energy you have available to you, the less likely you feel like unable to change a situation and the more you are able to choose your reactions. This insight will allow you to consciously decide how you want to show up in a situation (both in a work- or a private environment) in order to receive the best possible outcome and reduce stress.

The Energy Leadership Index™ assessment has been developed by Bruce D. Schneider in 1999 and ranks 3rd in the Forbes article: 11 Assessments Every Executive Should Take

The Energy Leadership Index™ can only be administered by an ELI Master Practitioner.

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